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 Mission Statement
ECO MEDICS is dedicated to provide a challenging work place to their employees and to support their individuality. This will enable them to improve our high quality products and services to the benefit of our customers.
The Company
ECO MEDICS offers an innovative range of computerized pulmonary diagnostic products ranging from neonatology to sports medicine, routine diagnostics to scientific research as well as veterinary medicine.
The unique combination of the patented ultrasonic flow measurement and precise gas analysis, especially nitric oxide, enables a comprehensive measurement of pulmonary parameters.
The instruments are designed in close cooperation with leading scientists in Europe and America to meet the needs of intensivists and pneumologists world wide.

ECO MEDICS markets its products through its direct sales force in selected markets as well as through exclusive distributors world wide to hospitals, clinics, pulmonary function laboratories and research institutes.
The employees of ECO MEDICS believe that the product quality and the extensive sales and service organization represents significant benefits for our customers.

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